Alexandria, 185 – 253 approx.

Origen was a great Christian theologian and philosopher in a turbulent age. He was the first to create a theological system of inconceivable beauty, the first of the then new religion. He did this by relying on the Scriptures and filling in the gaps that existed, thanks to his philosophical education.

Within his work there are worlds within worlds, some more ethereal and others inferior that welcome souls wearing bodies of a similar quality. In these worlds there is lifelong learning as the lesser ones are taught by angels and more advanced souls as they pass from one stage to another. In the latter, Christ himself teaches! Thus progressively all rational beings will return to God where they began, in a final restoration of all things (all in all). No matter how many discoveries are made, no matter how many planets with intelligent beings are discovered, his theological system can accept anything and everything.

At the time when he influenced Christianity as little as possible, when many of his students were declared saints, he himself was later excommunicated. (Actually, only one of his works was excommunicated, and this was falsified by his opponents, since the rest were completely in accordance with the teaching of the church).

The controversial work "On Principles" presented is truly the creation of a genius and a visionary. A prolific writer, a fighter for the faith, an authority on the Holy Bible, a noble figure, an opponent of heretics who experienced in practice the teaching of Christ in an era of persecution and torture.