Crete, 3rd century B.C.

A hedonic philosopher of the Cyrenaic Academy founded by Aristippus. He along with Annikeris studied next to Paraibatus, and later he taught in Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy the First who banned him from teaching because he led many people to suicide with his ideas. This is why he was named the one who convinces people to death.

Hegesias thought that pleasure is impossible because along with our actions, luck plays a great role in achieving it. He motivated his followers into voluntarily leaving this world, in order to be freed from the earthly problems, a freedom that according to the philosopher is the greatest joy of all. This is the only thing a man can achieve, the state of feeling nothing, not pain nor sorrow.

Ptolemy was forced to banish him from Alexandria. Hegesias wrote a book named "the one who cannot suffer life anymore", which refers to the sorrows of human life.