approx. 540 - 450  B.C.


A famous greek philosopher of the Eleatic school, a friend of Xenophanes, he had connections to the Pythagoreans. Theofrastus mentions that his father was Pyres, and from Plato we learn that Parmenides came to Athens when he was 65 years old, and that had young Socrates in his company (at the time 14-16 years old). From these we can assume than he was born around 520BC and that it was around 455 that he came to Athens. In a dialogue by the name of Parmenides, Plato refers to Parmenides with great respect, when Aristotle was a firm opposite to his theories, as to the theories of the Eleatic school at its whole. Only some extracts were saved from what is considered the only written work of his, “Of nature”, written in 6 syllabus lyrics and in the Ionian dialect.