Syracuse, 530 -  440 B.C.

A philosopher and comedy writer, born in the island of Kos. He moved at a young age in Megara of Sicily, Syracuse following. There he found Gelon and Ieron, two educated and music loving tyrants, who supported theatrical and musical festival to the great theater they had built. This played a major part in Epicharmos' genius shining. Syracusians loved him and honored him by a statue. He was not involved in politics as it was the regime who had protected him, nor he satirized political situations like Aristophanes.

What he satirized was the human flaws, stupidity being number one, the faults that happen in every social class. He was the first to satirize the drunk on stage. He implemented all his comedies with philosophical ideas, influenced by the Pythagorean school, commenting on ethics and metaphysical matters of the soul, the world etc. 36 to 52 comedies are accounted to him, and he was a major beneficial influence to Euripides. Plato thought he was the greatest of comedians. Unfortunately only extracts of his comedies were saved.