Athens, 450 - 404 B.C.

Born in Athens in 452 and died in 404 BC, Alkiviades was a political and military leader of Athens, being the most important figure of the last two decades of the Peloponnesian war. He was one of the great aristocrats.

Nature was really kind to Alkiviades, giving him beauty, dexterity and nobility. His beauty was the ideal of the Athenian adolescence, combined with elegance, aesthetical perfection and grace, and was praised by most ancient writers. He had conscience of his beauty, adding to the passion of keeping it unchanged and incorruptible. The only flaw he had by nature, was a slight stuttering, which he managed to alter into a speaking advantage, and created a trend among the young people of his age.

His dexterity was pointed out by a lively spirit and wits, a spirit that attracted even Socrates. In Sparta he was known of his austerity and gymnastics, in Voetia everyone was stand by his body abilities, in Ionia he surpassed everyone to lust, in Thrace it was drunkness, and later on in Minor Asia, for the luxurious life he led.

Being an orphan since his five years, he was raised by the sons of Xanthippus, Arifron and the greatest politican of Athens, Pericles. Amykla was his babysitter, while his tutor was Zopyrus, unable to put his edgy character into control and convicing him.

Sophists and Socrates, played a great role into his raisng, Prodicus taught him the knowledge of myth and speech, however the great teacher of his life was Socrates, the only one to contain his stormy nature. In Potidaia the teacher saved the pupil, and Alkiviades was honored after Socrates asked it. In Delium Alkiviades returned the favor, not leaving St. Thomas.

Many imitated his clothing, and eccentric way, and after winning three consecutive times the horse race in the Olympics he was cheered upon by the people of Athens. It is worth mentioning that other Greeks honored him for this victory, offering him luxurious gifts.

Unfortunately, this great leader ended his days in a tragic way. While sleeping, two people sent by Pharnavazos, Mazeos and Susamithres, set his house on fire. Always courageous he got out of the house with his woman Timandra and an Arcadian, and he was brought down with arrows. His head was taken to Pharnavazos, while Timandra buried the body. There is another scenario, that he was murdered by two noble Persians, whose sister he had dishonored. That how Alkiviades' life ended while he was only 45 years old.