approx.360 - 270 B.C.


The founder of the ancient sect of the Sceptics and contemporary of the Stoic Xenon, as well as Epicurus. As he left no written documents, presenting the ideas of Pyrron is a really hard task. Information of his teaching was gathered by his pupils, especially Timon and Fliasius (320-230 BC). He put the weight of his philosophy on to knowledge.

According to Aristocles, Pyrron states that there are three ways to examine and understand a subject, in concern to: what created it, how we see it, and what is gained by knowing it. He furthers his view on the basis that man should have no opinion concerning anything, due to his total lack of knowledge about everything. It is this lack of tendency towards something that brings a stillness of the soul, in other words eudaemonia, happiness.

It is the lack of trust to logic, as far as the knowledge of things is concerned, that sets people carefree and leading them to inner peace and tranquility.