3rd century B.C.


An eristic philosopher from Eretria, founder of the Eretrian school, (approximately 339 BC to 265 BC) During a military expedition in Megara he attended the lessons of Stilpon, of the Megaric school of philosophy, and was later related to the Helian school founded by Faedon. He became the leader of this school later on, moving it to Eretria and giving it the name of this city. Menedemus left no written works, and that is why his beliefs and role to the eristic movement cannot be evaluated with certainty, and the various info that the ancient biographers give us, add to this lack of knowledge. It is fair to say though, that the influences he had by the Megaric and Helian schools of philosophy, offspring of the Socratic teaching most probably made his ideas turn to rules and ethics.