approx. 490 B.C.


A great philosopher from Akragantas in Sicily. He believed as Anaxagoras and Heraclitus in the evolution of beings, making himself a predecessor of Darwin. He studied the visible universe and nature, and his observations are similar to modern Physics and Astronomy. A lot is said about his life, and he is depicted as a wizard, sorcered, enchanter, controlling winds, healing patients and raising the dead. It is even said that he ascented to God in front of a great crowd.

Another legend has him falling inside the Aetna volcano, in his attempt to know its mysteries. Son of the ruler Meton, he brought democracy after the death of his father. His contemporaries glorified him, and he had a magnificent temple built in his honor by his fellow citizens. He wrote essays about politics, medicine, history. His main work however, was the “Of Nature”, 5000 lines long, where he poetically depicts his theories about the creation of the universe and the origin of life. 450 lines of this work has survived to our day.