6th century B.C.


One of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece, he was born in Priene of Ionia. A benefactor with no concern of making profit, a friend of justice, he defended the hard done in courts for free, and without being asked to. After his hometown was conquered by the Persians, and his fellow citizens left the town taking everything they had worth of something, Bias left without taking anything with him, although he was a man of great wealth. When people asked him why, he quoted the legendary “All I have, is what I bring along with me”.

Plutarch, Aristotle, Stovaios, Diogenis among others, referred to the wisdom of Bias, one that could be considered coming out of a deep knowledge about man and the problems that one faces. Only a few of his maxims and writings have survived through time, among those an extract of a lyrical poem he wrote.